About Us

Welcome to the Cove Condominium Association website. History has a way to be heard in the warm breezes that have passed the Naples Bay waterways that are felt by each unit owner as they enjoy their views.

The motel and “yachtel” opened in 1964. It was designed in the post- Hurricane Donna era in the quiet area awaiting to be discovered by many generations of families from many areas. The Cove was popular for its “Neapolynesian” style that was popularized by architect William Zimmerman. Five years later the motel was purchased by Kenny Schryver and a small group of investors. The group converted the hotel into a “condominium hotel” selling the units as condominiums plus offering the option of managing the units as hotel rooms for each unit owner. The concept was new to the investors but sold 52 of the 102 units in two weeks. To this day, it is historically known as one of the first successful condominium hotels in Florida.

The conversations of all the units’ owners have so much to share from the past and also the future. Welcome to being part of history, family and unique style. Every moment at the Cove will bring warm memories to you and the guests that enjoy part of your home.